What is Sky Lake set of processors from Intel?

When the topic of technology and new innovations, Intel cannot be left far behind. In its new innovations, Intel has come up with its latest and amazing range of processors, which is codenamed Skylake, that targets everything from some high-powered gaming rigs to also computers which come up to be the size of a  simple USB stick and high-end smartphones.


This forms to be the “sixth generation” of the ultra-Core family which promises some improved performance, good battery life and also some graphics-power –all thanks to a new microarchitecture. These are the chips that  have also been  positively optimized to handle a  good  4K videos better. However  the US company may actually find it hard to even convince users that  they do need new devices.

New updates

Microsoft is thus trying to offer its latest set of operating system – Windows 10 – as a  complete free upgrade to new  consumers and is also suggesting that  its software should not be at all more taxing on processors than the given Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Skylake processor-the ultimate innovation for Intel
Skylake processor-the ultimate innovation for Intel

The history of such processors had opened up many households which bought some new PCs when they wanted to simply upgrade the operating systems, but they would not do so this time round. In addition, there was also a slowdown in China’s economy and there  continued  to be weakness of many European markets. Thus, this could have been a reason which did cause some  companies and governments to even delay upgrading their kit.

Present status

After all this, the processor  Intel  has noted that there exist more than 500 million computers in  the present use  which are four years old or older. And there also exists one analyst who agreed that Skylake tends to present the firm with varied new opportunities.

Compressed 4K

Intel went ahead to time its launch so that it would coincide with Berlin’s Ifa tech show. This is completely  in part thanks to a new technology called Speed Shift, which he explained, what allows the range of processors to simultaneously “shift gears” faster than even before in order to passively reduce the amount of time that they are kept running at their most innovative and nice power-hungry frequencies when not required.

The chips have been optimised to effectively handle the very brand new feature of H.265 video codec –an effective new compression standard that allows some 4K video files be nicely  streamed using  very less data without having to sacrifice picture quality.4K videos are thus much better and are 4 times the resolution of good 1080p high definition ones.

Cooled games

For the very 1st time, Intel is supporting the  very famous “overclocking” . This would be done to the mobile device chips. This is the practice that involves pushing some processors to perform steady calculations at a  even faster rate than they were even set to, causing most of them to even give off more heat. In the past however, Intel had also locked its mobile chips to prevent this.

Wireless computing

Over the near and end coming months, Intel has been saying that it  has plans to even release some about 50 different variants of the very own Skylake processors. However, it has also indicated that these  manufacturers should also promote their new computers by even talking about some add-on facilities rather than just  relying on the chips’ given new specs.

Intel’s Skylake is an innovation in this regard.

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