updated and gained 10 million users

Rebranding Hotmail in, and the use of the interface, or Metro, as it is now customary to say, Windows 8 UI gave a very positive result – an updated mail service for two weeks has collected 10 million users, as reported by Microsoft in its official blog. In addition, the company decided on a wave of success to develop the idea of unification of interfaces and applications in other web services ideas from In this case we are talking about, and customer service across multiple platforms.

The online service is remote file storage has a similar interface as So, apparently, he was like a guest at SkyDrive Windows 8, and functional too. For example, the folders and files can be presented in the form of panels or traditional list:


There was an instant search feature content in the cloud user store, including the information within documents Office:


Context-sensitive toolbar provides quick access to frequently used commands for working with content:


In addition, you can quickly select multiple files and folders, support for drag-and-drop and improved sorting options.

Customers SkyDrive to Windows and OS X, too, has undergone some positive changes. In particular, the increased speed of uploading photos, plus the increased effectiveness of the program in terms of CPU resources spent during synchronization.


In the coming weeks Microsoft has promised to release SkyDrive for Android and mobile client, this functionality will be similar to that for Windows Phone and iOS. That is, the program will allow you to view files in the cloud storage, load them back and share them with others.


Another important innovation – improve SkyDrive API for developers who have received full control of uploading photos (previously limiting resolution images), and to save or open files from SkyDrive to third party web-site is enough to add a few lines of Java-code in any Web site.

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