Skype developed the Opus Audio Codec for VoIP-telephony

Skype has announced the introduction of its eponymous program for video calls, a new codec, which will significantly improve the quality of the transmitted sound.

Skype Opus Audio Codec
It is noted that in early 2009, Skype has been implemented codec SILK, which improved sound quality when making video calls. Since then however, widespread mobile devices. So it has decided to develop a new audio codec, originally designed to work through the operator’s network. As a result, and was created by the codec Opus, based on the SILK, but has a number of improvements. It should improve the quality of VoIP-system. In addition to improving the quality of the transmitted sound, Opus also allows the flexibility to adapt to the existing parameters of Internet connection. As a result of switching to the various encryption mechanisms can work effectively with various types of wireless connectivity: 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi.

Additionally reported that the codec has already been certified IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), which allows extensive use of it. Moreover, the Skype Opus codec is free and can be licensed third-party developers of applications for VoIP-telephony. In addition, the developers have positioned this new product as a universal solution that eliminates the need to use different ones for different tasks.


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