Smartphone from Apple for price sensitive buyers?

For price sensitive buyers, the iPhone 5, which cost approx $650 is almost out of reach. Many of us, including me, are waiting for the price of the iconic smartphone to reduce. A plastic iPhone 5 costing roughly half the price of the standard Apple smartphone is about to launch soon, as it has been claimed. The budget iPhone will cost just about $330 according to the reports, similar to the iPad mini.

In order to increase the company’s penetration into emerging markets like India, Brazil and China and especially to attract  thyoung and middle class consumers Apple is rumored to have launched this budget smartphone.

The claims about the price and release of the budget iPhone were made on Japanese website Macotakara, following on from Apple plans to defer the release of a next generation of iPhone 5 and release of a less expensive handset before that.

It is reported that the planned new iPhone will resemble the iPhone 5 from look and feel but will replace the aluminum body with a glossy polycarbonate plastic case (which is cheaper), similar to the one found in earlier versions of MacBook.

As per Macotakara reports, the budget iPhone will be little thicker in width as compared to iPhone 5. The polycarbonate plastic body could come in a variety of colors to make it more attractive.

Reports also says that the smartphone will have a “retina” display and will feature the new Lightning connector from Apple used for charging and syncing. The name of the new smartphone could be “iPhone Mini” or “iPhone Air”.Apple budget iPhone 5The release could be in early summer. Let’s wait and see how the new budget smartphone compete with the other handset available in the competitive mobile phone arena. We will keep you posted on the latest development from Apple on the budget iPhone.

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