Smartphone Or Tablet Or Phablet: Choice is yours

I went to a cell phone shop today and was just looking at what smartphones people prefer now a days given a wide variety of choices they have. I was watching a girl who seems to be a college girl having at least 8 smartphones lying in front of her having various features and variation in size, camera features, elegance, screen resolution, weight etc. With all those smartphones she seems to be confused and was looking for something different which she could not explain to the shop keeper. Since the shop has wide verity of mobile gadgets, the shop keeper sensed what the girl could be looking for. He then started showing her tablets with screen size ranging from 7inch to 10 inch. The girl liked the tablet with 10 inch screen size. She still seems little confused but later bought it and went with purchasing the tablet while she came to buy a smartphone.

Similar like the girl in the shop, consumers today are really confused with variety of choices they have from smartphones to tablet to phablet. The phablet is a smartphone with capabilities that of smartphone but bigger in size. The line between smartphone and a tablet is fading day by day and cell phone vendors are now releasing phablets which combines the features of the two. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages of smartphone, the tablet and phablets. I will try to give a small insight and tips here from a usability perspective rather than going into more technical details. The choice is of course yours and that depends on the purpose and need.

Phablets have large screen size. Do you really need it?

Smartphone Or Tablet Or Phablet??

Smartphones Vs phablet

Like me, if you use a phone just to make calls or text someone, watch one or two movies or a YouTube video or play games occasionally then you should go with smartphone. They have all the features that you would need to do this and also they will fit into your pocket and you do not need to worry how to carry them every time you step out of the door. The performance and storage will not be of a great concern since all new smartphones are well equipped with good storage and processors.

Though media consumption is low on smartphones, the disadvantage is watching media on small screen is eye straining.

The next choice is Phablet. One of the main reason people now-a-days choose Phablets over tablet or smartphone is for watching movie or enjoying a game or a TV show on large screen. Tablets is another choice.

Phablets have better specs than smartphones. Generally they are faster and have better and more storage. Some of the leading models are Google Nexus 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. One can hold it easily and watch media at leisure. If you always carry a bag or a purse (like the girl at the shop was carrying) I think Phablets are the option.

One more advantage of tablets and phablets is that you will have all your data in one single device.


It is always a personal choice whether to go for tablet or smartphone and there is always some pros and cons. Larger size and high media consumption could be disadvantages of tablets, the convenience and enjoyment of watching movie or a TV show is much more. Smartphone size makes it preferred choice. Nevertheless. Phablets are going to become more and more popular, and with new features and screen resolutions they will rule the market of upcoming years.

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