Sony and Google teamed up to create set-top boxes

The smart devices are facing a stiff competition; every manufacturer is bringing something new and smarter to the market. For example Sony and Google, are now trying to circumvent Apple’s production set-top box. If Apple TV still under development the Google TV device has already passed the prototype stage and is almost ready to launch the production.


In fact, there are exists a lot of set-top box already but the joint development of Google and Sony will combine the best achievements in the production of set-top boxes and smart phones, and will receive a number of additional, unique functions. Thus, the main advantage of the new set-top boxes will be possible to install the necessary applications directly from the Internet, not to mention the fact that these applications can be used. Such a function is very similar to Google Play, is not it? The back of the console is a qwerty-keyboard, with which right on the TV screen can be immersed in the world of the Internet. One of the applications will open up infinite possibilities to the user for online access to TV programs, as well as allow you to find recording your favourite shows.

Specialists of two software companies have adjusted YouTube interface for its electronic offspring, so that you can view the best videos, channels, and subscribed to them. Photo albums of Picasa and Flickr will be available for owners of Google TV. Well, using the touch panel on the visor, remote device management will become almost an additional pleasure to all the other nice features. Movements of the fingers, just like on a smartphone, you can browse through channels on the TV to zoom. Moreover, by using special sensors you will able to control the TV through the console tilts and turns. Especially, this function will be useful to gamers.

The first Google TV device will be available in England, as well as in several European countries. In addition, the more likely it will appear on the shelves of specialty stores U.S., but more on that will be known no earlier than two days, during the conference Google I / O. The company Sony, as a member of the tandem, simultaneously launch its new player NSZ-GS7 in France, Germany and the Netherlands, the United States and Canada, and later in Mexico, Brazil and Australia.

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