Sony announced the release of an updated game console new PlayStation 3: Specs & Features

Sony has announced the release of an updated game console new PlayStation 3, which is arranged in a more compact form factor and a new design.

new PlayStation 3
It is noted that the updated device uses a completely redesigned internal architecture. As a result, the size and mass of the new items are reduced by more than 2-fold compared with the first model of the PlayStation 3 and 20% and 25%, respectively, compared with the previous version, which is available on the market today. The new PlayStation 3 model has dimensions 290 x 60 x 230 mm and a mass of about 2.1 kg. Despite the reduction in size and weight, announced the device boasts of increase of internal storage. Thus, users of earlier models were available with a hard disk capacity of 160 or 320 GB. Now, a new video game console Sony PlayStation 3 will be available in three versions, which differ in the type and capacity of internal storage. One model uses a hard drive capacity of 250 GB, the second model – the hard disk capacity of 500 GB, and the third modification carries a solid state drive capacity of 12 GB. If the user is not enough with the capacity of embedded SSD, he can purchase a console and connect to an external storage capacity of 250 GB. Version with a solid state drive designed for sale only in specific areas.

new PlayStation 3

Sales of the updated version of the gaming console Sony new PlayStation 3 will begin shortly. Thus, a model with a hard drive capacity of 250 GB will be available in the U.S. on September 25 for $ 270, and the version with a hard drive capacity of 500 GB – 30 October at a price of $ 300.

This was all about new PlayStation 3 which will comes to market in black and white color options housings.

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