Sony HT-CT260 with wireless Subwoofer powerful and versatile: Review & Specs

Sony HT-CT260 2.1 Sound System is better in terms of quality. It is not worth even a real separate system (amp + speakers), but the rendering is now almost the same size as that of the most compact 2.1 systems offered by major brands. This bar is part of Sony’s pleasant surprises of this fall 2012.

Subwoofer: The wireless advantage

Relatively thin (9 cm), this Sony HT-CT260 bar carcass hexagonal instead looks great. Its minimalist design allows it to be easily forgotten in the TV in a cabinet or A / V on the wall (notches are provided on the back). It comes with a wireless subwoofer classic shape measuring 27 cm side and 39 cm in height. It is time that our manufacturers we are something more easy to integrate or more attractive on an aesthetic level. The good news is that the subwoofer is wireless. This does not preclude having to plug it into an AC outlet. But at least there are no cables to connect to predict the sound bar.

Sony HT-CT260
No HDMI, but the full wattage!

Sony HT-CT260 is a small 2.1 system powered by a 300-watt amplifier (170 watt speakers and 130 watts for the subwoofer) and taking advantage of the technology S-Force PRO Front Surround circuit supposed beautify and give the extent to stereo signals. Sony talks the same 3D sound, which is much exaggerated. Say that the system provides a slight impression of scale. Two digital audio inputs (optical and coaxial) and one analog input are available and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR are available. It is possible to listen to music wirelessly streamed from your computer, smartphone or tablet. What is surprising, however, is the lack of HDMI input.
A sacred fishing home theater

Sony HT-CT260 does a good job for its price. It is a prior capable of both boosting and clarify the sound of TV channels (finally means something without it screams!), But also to give the body and the peps soundtracks of DVDs and Blu-ray. And even if the DTS-HD 5.1 is reduced to 2.1, it appeared to us in the lower muscular enough to have fun. Finally, note that several listening modes are available and that is integrated IR repeater to control the TV, even if the sound bar is placed just in front.

Its price is 299 euros with a remote control and a digital optical audio cable. And if you add this small system on Santa’s list?

+ Compactness
+ The wireless subwoofer
+ Bluetooth connectivity
+ Power
+ Punch home cinema

– The average delivered music
– The lack of HDMI input

This was all regarding the Sony HT-CT260 2.1 sound system, compact and wireless.

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