SONY KD-84 X9005 84inches passive 3D TV with 4K UHD resolution: Review & Specs

SONY KD-84 X9005 is a beautiful 84-inch 4K TV capable of offering passive 3D in Full HD, thanks to X-Reality Pro engine and play multimedia platforms luxury in the expensive TV, this TV is priced at € 25,000.

SONY KD-84 X9005 84inches passive 3D TV

If prices of HX950 series models we had seemed expensive, what about that 84-inch 4K SONY KD-84 X9005 posted to 25 000 euros? It is beautiful but inaccessible.

Early December 2012, Sony will launch on the market’s first ultra-high-definition TV or 4K (3840 by 2160 dots). Only a few copies will be sold. Logical considering the price and size of the beast 84 inches (i.e. 2.13 m diagonal) to 25 000 euros. Impossible to miss once installed at home. It will also be difficult to install because it weighs 80 kg (without stand).

SONY KD-84 X9005 84inches passive 3D TV

4K feeds the high hopes

4K is obviously the technology that most manufacturers firmly believe; both because it will allow larger screen sizes gain in image quality, but also to the passive 3D display Full HD (and half HD) and maybe to 3D without glasses finally emerge. Hopefully now that the TV channels follow suit and offer some quick 4K programs. Technically any case, it is quite possible both satellite and cable. But for now, nothing is planned that side.

Sharp an image as the razor blade

It will therefore settle for a 4K conversion, provided by the X-Reality Pro processor in SONY KD-84 X9005. It works in conjunction with another chip that compares the source images with its integrated database and improves color rendition, contrast, texture, borders and general definition. Processing pixel of this Giant TV can offer conversions 4K beauty. Besides many video calibration tools have been integrated into the interface of the TV in order to act with surgical precision on the image quality. What we could see, the result is stunning. Whether on Avatar 3D passive on some native 4K sources available on the demo disc or Sony Blu-ray converted to 4K image is to die for, colors abound, the 3D is a treat and screen size hypnotizes us. The 4K therefore clearly has a huge potential.

A Smart TV almost like any other

SONY KD-84 X9005 84inches passive 3D TV

For the rest, the SONY KD-84 X9005 is a classic TV connected with Wi-Fi, DLNA certification, the function SimulView (two to play in full screen), a broad media compatibility, two USB 2.0 ports (NTFS n is not supported), compatibility Wi-Fi Direct, a web browser (Opera), access to the Sony Entertainment Network and – for sound – speaker system removable aluminium side called “Live Speaker 10 units.” They contain ten HP coupled with a 50 watt digital amplification technology and 3D S-Force Front Surround, which provides a pseudo-spatial 5.1. Without being exceptional, it is more powerful and more efficient than most other televisions.

+Screen size perfect for home theater
+The graphics processor X-Reality Pro
+Fascinating image quality
+3D beautiful
+Multimedia functions and integrated Wi-Fi

-Price outsized
-Screen size not easy to fit in a living room

This was all about SONY KD-84 X9005 84nches UHD 3D Passive TV.

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