Sony MDR-1 premium headphones: Specs & Features

Sony has introduced a new series of headphones Sony MDR-1, which are positioned as premium-class solutions. It is noted that the development of these headphones was conducted together with Katy B, Magnetic Man, and engineer in the field of audio Navid Ahmed.

Sony MDR-1
In this series of headphones Sony MDR-1 originally presented three models. One of them is the basic version, the second has the support of the noise canceling function, and the third supports wireless Bluetooth. All three models use the same design, implying the complete closure of the ears user that provides the most complete isolation from external noise, and improved perception of low frequencies. In the earphones specially designed 40mm diaphragm liquid crystal polymer film. In addition, by using the speakers with neodymium core reached a wide frequency response – from 4 Hz to 80 kHz. Model Sony MDR-1RBT with Bluetooth can be used in stand-alone mode on a single charge the battery up to 30 hours. Additionally it is equipped with a chip NFC, which allows the quick connection to compatible devices without the need to set them manually. Model Sony MDR-1RNC equipped with dual noise reduction system, which, according to the manufacturer, can eliminate up to 99.7% of ambient noise. Built-in battery capacity is sufficient for up to 22 hours of battery life.

Sony MDR-1


New headphones Sony MDR-1 would go on sale in October this year, but their recommended retail prices are still unknown.

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