Sony MDR-1RNC Headphones with noise reduction technology: Review & Specs

The Sony MDR-1RNC is good headphones, its active noise reduction performance and comfort await you. Nevertheless, it is a bit heavy. Sold for 399 euros, it is positioned in front of the Bose QC15 or Beats by Dr. Dre Studio.


The Sony MDR-1RNC is a nice headset from Sony. Comfortable despite its weight, it provides it’s faithful and powerful. The active noise reduction works well.
The promise

Among the horde of novelties presented by Sony Electronics Fair in Berlin in September 2012, there was a series headphones Sony MDR-1. Oriented high-end, these three new headphone models are priced between 249 and 399 euros. Both are wired (MDR-and MDR 1RNC-1R) and the last, it is Bluetooth (MDR-1RBT). Today we focus on review of Sony MDR-1RNC, the flagship of the series. Headband headphones with a system of active noise reduction, offered for 399 Euros. Let the music play!

With Sony MDR-1RNC, Sony widens the gap with other headphones headband (MDR-XB600 or XB800). Considering the price of the beast (399 euros), we expected a high performance headphones and wearable: we were overwhelmed. Finish, flawless, red and black is the most beautiful effect. Headset comes in a nice protective cover half flexible, closed with a zipper. Inside it, there are two removable cables, terminated with a 3.5 mm jack, and an airplane adapter. The first cable is designed for Apple products (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and hosts a remote with mic to control the performance part MP3 player products and manage calls. The second has no remote and only serves to operate the headset with any device but not communicating. Sony MDR-1RNC proved to be comfortable. The headband is well padded and helps support the weight of the headphone relatively consistent (330 g) on the head. The headphones themselves are closed and cover the ears well. They are mounted on small pivots to conform to your body better. Their inner contour is covered with very soft leather, well padded too. Finally, they rotate vertically to store the Sony MDR-1RNC headset in the case.


A signature sound


At first listen, there is the classic signature sound in these Sony MDR-1RNC headphones Sony: lots of bass, midrange and treble well represented slightly indented. However, the power differences between the different frequencies are rendered less marked than on some models of the mid-range brand. Rendering is defined and powerful. You rediscover your MP3 songs. Nevertheless, the sound is a bit special and cannot please all ears. A try before you buy. Technical measures, confirm that lower frequencies are very powerful and the acute lack of presence. This is easily corrected with the graphic equalizer if you find that your favorite songs “sound” not as usual. With such a low presence and mediums, this Sony MDR-1RNC headset is clearly oriented towards musical genres “modern.” However, it is doing very honorably on jazz, blues and even classical when you slightly increase the treble.
Noise reduced to murmuring

The Sony MDR-1RNC correctly isolates outside noise and the sound is issued even if the system noise reduction is off (unlike the Beats Studio or Boss QC15 example). The device of Sony active noise reduction reduces background noise correctly. It works through a built-in headphones, USB rechargeable and takes 21 h 30 continuous to play. Noise reduction is activated simply by pushing a switch on one of the listeners. According to our actions and listening, it reduces the power of low frequencies and increases the high mids and treble. The sound is not too distorted, just readjusted. However, when you enable the reduction, a small adjustment period is necessary, while your ears be made to sound a bit peculiar.
The verdict

After many hours of listening, the fact is there: Sony MDR-1RNC headphones belong to Sony upscale and would be perfect for your Christmas. The noise reduction system is efficient, without distorting the pieces. Finally and most importantly, it can be disabled without turning off the sound. However, we would have appreciated that the cables are longer (only 1.2 m) and an adapter 3.5 / 6.35 mm is provided.

This was all regarding one of the best headphones Sony MDR-1RNC.

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