Sony NEX 6: Hybrid expert with viewfinder and reasonable price | Review & Specs

With the viewfinder of NEX 7, Sony NEX 6 brings new features (applications, Wi-Fi). The NEX 7 is a real success and but the Sony NEX 7 can be a unit of mass, since its price of 1350 euros place far from ordinary. So for all those who dream of a hybrid viewfinder camera, here is the opportunity by launching Sony NEX 6.

Cheaper but not cheap

Sony NEX 6

400 Euros difference with its big brother. Launched in October 2012 to 950 euros with a whole new perspective – the Sony NEX 6 is more than 30% cheaper than its predecessor.

The differences between the two cases are at ergonomics, since the NEX 7 keeps the two wheels exclusive programmable, more to customize the case. Exits the 24MP sensor and integrated 16 Mpix sensor. But not an old version since it is the same sensor as the NEX 5R, incorporating 99 AF points AF on its surface for a high-speed development.


Sony NEX 6

If retrieves the viewfinder 2.36 Mpix NEX 7 and its built-in flash, the Sony NEX 6 is an improved version of a NEX 7 NEX 5R neutered. If it loses the touchscreen NEX 5R, it has improved ergonomics for the experts – mode dial, buttons, etc.. – Which, coupled with the viewfinder, making it a true replacement of reflex.

For the rest of the sheet, simply copy and paste the NEX 5R, a burst at 10 frames / s, the new label for digital accessories, Wi-Fi, the application system. And always Full HD 50p video, panorama mode super efficient, and creative style, etc.. But it also adds a whole new perspective that makes the difference.

Finally, a motorized zoom and end!

Sony NEX 6

16-50 mm F3.5-5.6: the new zoom is also (slightly) brighter than the traditional optical base of this type of camera, wide-angle is wider (24 mm) and telephoto position a little less efficient in Sony NEX 6. But the real difference is its size and its operation: making just less than 30 mm folded optics unfolds to the ignition as a compact and offers two ways to zoom. The first is a slide button that allows a particular video zoom controlled, the second is in the ring electric reacts to the speed with which it is running. Cut for both photo and video, this approach becomes a crucial choice between buying a NEX 5R and the Sony NEX 6. For 150 euros, you lose the tactile certainly, but we won the optical viewfinder and a lighter, less bulky, with a wider angle motorized.

The Sony NEX 6 at 950 euros will appear in a kit with the 16-50 mm, body only 800 euros. A third kit with 16-50 mm 55-210 mm and should arrive at a price of 1199 euros.

16 Mpix sensor performance both optically and less demanding than 24 Mpix sensor NEX 7
New 16-50 mm optical motorized less cumbersome than the basic kit
New digital signature

The viewfinder prevents the passage of the self-portrait mode screen

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