Sony RX1 compact sensor full format camera: Review & Specs

Professional SLR sensor coupled to an optical fixed focus 35 mm F2 high end, this is the crazy bet with his Sony RX1.

Sony RX1

After Sigma and Fujifilm had integrated an APS-C in a compact, Sony passes the sensor 24 x 36 mm.

Crazy, incredible, amazing … Superlatives abound when it comes to talking about the new compact off standard Sony Cyber-shot RX1. Because after completely redefined the image quality in compact RX100 with its experts, the Japanese giant – fully unleashed in the picture – out of his hood that incorporates a compact nothing less than a SLR sensor professional format 24 x 36 mm.

Sensor SLR, high-end optical

The CMOS sensor of Sony RX1 is the same as that of its new professional SLR, the Alpha A99: a beautiful baby 24.3 million points in 24 x 36, the same size as a negative film 135 time of silver. Faced with such a sensor, Sony could use as an optical high-end in this case, a 35 mm Carl Zeiss F2 stamped specially designed for this new case and has three rings. A control for opening one for the development and the last to switch to macro mode (14 cm, magnification x0, 26).

Fixed focus and modern approach

Sony RX1

Its lens has s a fixed focal length, that is to say, the Sony RX1 has no optical zoom – we can always rely on digital zoom. In this, it has to compete with the Fujifilm X100 , also equipped with a sensor DSLR, but smaller for APS-C, and an optical F2 35 mm (23 mm APS-C equivalent to a 35 mm full size). But when choosing Fujifilm photo retro approach (the X100 is clearly not oriented video), Sony prefers to keep its modernist approach maintaining a compact ergonomic and integrating its know-how electronics and software. The Sony RX1 therefore incorporates Full HD video mode very rich – 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60p, FX mode at 28 Mbit / s – as Sweep Panorama modes, creative effects, etc..

Connectivity of Sony RX1i includes micro -HDMI, micro-USB jack and the RX1 has the same shoe as the new generation NEX6 Alpha 99 and stamped MI (Multi Interface Shoe). With digital connections at the end of shoe, this shoe can receive, in addition to flash Minolta, Sony, and now ISO, an XLR box to record the sound in professional format.

No Optional viewfinder in Sony RX1:

Sony RX1

This is probably what the purists criticize Sony: the Sony RX1 does not include a viewfinder. The priority of Japanese engineers was indeed making an impression with the device as small as possible. Those who want to compose their photos the camera to the eye will have to get one of the two cameras available: one stamped Zeiss optics and other electronic OLED viewfinder based on the NEX7, NEX6, Alpha A77 and Alpha A99. Regret is that these accessories, which are expensive, are optional, of course. Fortunately, a pop-up flash is built!

The super luxury

The price of Sony RX1 is around 3200 euros. A very large sum because it puts the RX1 over the last three full format DSLR announced – the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Nikon D800 and Sony Alpha A99. This price reflects not only the technical prowess of miniaturization – the integration of a full-frame sensor in a compact is a world first – and the optical upscale RX1 this team. But such a rate, it is certain that the RX1 is intended primarily to experts both passionate and wealthy looking for a 35 mm with the same quality as the best reflex, but standing in the pocket.

The RX1 is expected to be available in November. In the meantime, you can drool and beg your banker.

+The image quality in a compact full format!
+A sensor 24 mpix full of promise
+A 35 mm optical F2
+A new claw email contact (MI)
+The wealth of video modes

-The high price
-The lack of integrated viewfinder

This was all about one of the upcoming luxury camera i.e. Sony RX1.

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