Sony Vaio SVE11 Netbook: Review & Specs

This small ultraportable Netbook Sony Vaio SVE11 is sold 450 euros. The AMD chip is suitable for common applications (surfing, office, video, etc..). Battery thickens a bit this Vaio, but it provides more than 4 hours of video playback.

Sony Vaio SVE11

Ideal for travel, this small Sony Vaio SVE11 11.6-inch is equipped for common tasks (surfing, office, video). But it lacks power for gaming or photo editing.

The promise

Sony Vaio SVE11

The netbook is losing speed, but ultraportable in nature & small price advantage to carve the lion’s share. Sony offers the Vaio SVE1111M1E / W, a model with an 11.6-inch (29.5 cm), a component-based AMD marketed at 450 euros. A prior, no feat is to be expected from this machine.


Small and lightweight (1.4 kg), the Vaio SVE1111M1E / W fits easily into a bag to accompany you everywhere. Autonomy in video of this Sony Vaio SVE11 ultraportable is more than 4 hours of battery life, a nice score for a small machine at this price. The finish is, for its overall success. Mixture of bright white satin and black frame adopts pleasant curves. We only regret that the battery thickens the machine (3.8 cm high) and slightly elevates rear housing. The connection is quite rich, with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, VGA and HDMI outputs, and all the proper network connections (Ethernet, Wi-Fi) to access the Internet wherever you are. Bluetooth 4.0 is also present.
Comfort in travel

Sony Vaio SVE11

Filling more or less the same functions as the fire netbook, the Vaio SVE1111 is for work, to surf or to watch a movie when you are traveling. But Sony Vaio SVE11 Netbook offers more comfort than its predecessor, format 10.1 inches (25.6 cm). Its screen displays a definition of 1366 points per 768, glossy and beautiful colors. cCorrect brightness (206 cd/m2), contrast ratio is very suitable (780:1) for a machine sold 450 euros. The keyboard, the keys well proportioned, providing a comfortable typing. The touchpad has a pleasant surface to handle responding to commands (zooming, scrolling, image rotation, etc.)..
Powerful enough for common tasks

Sony Vaio SVE11

The hardware is built around a small AMD E2-1800 and 4GB of memory. Applications are fluid, the PC remains responsive as you do not run ten applications at the same time. In addition, the Vaio is not built for complex 3D games because the integrated graphics processor (AMD Radeon 7340) is too limited in power and resources. This card however processes movies and Full HD videos from YouTube with gusto, for the fans! Storage, meanwhile, is provided by a 500GB hard drive’s performance is average, but its capacity is significant. The provision of two stereo speakers is not the most convincing either. Prefer them a good headset.
Hot and sometimes noisy

Quiet most of the time, ventilation tends to take as soon as you apply a little machine (between 33.6 and 40.9 dB measured). Mercury climbs high enough while testing. On the palm rest, the temperature approaches 36° C and under the machine, the maximum reached 43.9 ° C. Beware of hot shots on the thighs!

The verdict

Well finished and durable, the Vaio SVE1111M1E / W Sony laptop is a little swifter than a netbook, but less powerful than Aspire Acer V5-171, for example, sold for 50 euros less. However, for routine tasks, it is fine. This was all about one the perfect Netbook i.e. Sony Vaio SVE11.


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