Sony VAIO T14 & T13 touchscreen ultrabook: Specs & Features

Following Acer ultrabook with a touch screen and the company Sony also introduced the Sony VAIO T14 & VAIO T13- is it the first of its kind, though in addition to the touch screen is a little different from the 13-inch VAIO T13. Incidentally, the latter will also be offered in the sensory modifications, although there is no information as to whether this model falls outside Japan. The devices cannot be called the most compact and light (1.7 kg and 1.6 kg, respectively) in the class of ultrabooks, but in the Sony VAIO T14 has an optical drive.

Sony VAIO T14


The materials of the housing Sony VAIO T14 are used plastic and metal, and classic design of the device, the trackpad without physical buttons and keyboard island type. Communication capabilities of the device are standard, if not pay attention to only two ports USB (one – USB 3.0 and the second – USB 2.0). Also, there are HDMI and VGA, Ethernet adapter and audio jack.

Sony VAIO T14
The cost of the base model Sony VAIO T13 is $ 670, with the touch panel will have to pay another $ 100, but the ability to order it appears only towards the end of this month. VAIO T14 is priced at $ 670 and the sale of laptop is expected in the coming weeks.

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