Sony Walkman F800 – Japanese competitor to Apple iPod touch and the Samsung Galaxy Player

Eliminating the line players like Samsung Galaxy Player, the market is difficult to identify at least one competitor to iPod touch. Of course, today’s smart phones can easily replace the portable media player, but do not always have the possibility of their use as such. Sony decided to make another attempt to create competitive media players and announced the Model Sony Walkman F800. Recall that the previous attempt was the Walkman Z.

Sony Walkman F800

Sony has not revealed all of the specs of Sony Walkman F800, perhaps the most important in this case – is a software platform. Walkman F800 is running Android 4.0.
In addition, Sony Walkman F800 has a 3.5-inch display with touch screen Multi-Touch, although no authorization, no information about the technology matrix no. The available space is 8, 16, or 32 GB. Among the interesting features of Sony promises digital amplifier S-Master MX technology and five Clear Audio, and built-in speaker system xLOUD should provide high-quality sound when listening to co-player without headphones.

Sony Walkman F800

Features built-in battery is enough for 4.5 hours of operation of the device in the video playback and 20 hours – listening to audio. Included with the Walkman F800 supplied headphones i.e. MDR-EX0300E. The price and release date of this Sony Walkman F800 has not yet spread.

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