Sony Xperia GX or Hayabusa Leaked: Specs & Features

Some time ago, we came to know that Sony decided to launch its new handset, the Xperia GX only in the Japanese market, depriving the rest of people. Well, Sony has just shown what could be the first images of Sony Hayabusa, the international version of the Xperia GX, which could soon be available for purchase anywhere in the world. Here we will emphasize its main features.

Sony Xperia GX
Sony, not to be outdone standing up to big such as Samsung or HTC. It seems that with the launch of this terminal to the rest of the world wants to take weight out of Samsung’s smartphone, the galaxy S3. We’ll see if you really only get or stay in the attempt.

It seems that in Sony Xperia GX new international version, the Hayabusa, has a screen size from measuring 4.55 inches showing a maximum resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. At the back, it would be endowed with an excellent camera that would achieve a total resolution of 13 megapixels. In the depths of its core, would maintain its line processor dual core but this time it would make a full clock speed of 1.5 Ghz. In the section of memory RAM , equip a total of 1GB and it also incorporated with Adreno 320 graphics already used in the Japanese version.
As we have seen after mentioning its main features, we see that the terminal has changed little from its original model, the Xperia GX. Have slightly increased the clock speed of your processor, and have remained almost everything else. A smartphone to be located within the higher range of existing smartphones now ready to compete against larger as the Galaxy Samsung S3 or One X by HTC.


At the moment we do not know exactly what their exact departure date for sale in the markets, but all indications are that it is safest to Realize in mid-September or early October, extending even further the well-known that Xperia range so successful is giving to the company. We do not know what their selling price, although it is estimated that this is not much distance itself from his predecessor. This Sony Xperia Hayabusa or Xperia GX phone looks to be great let’s wait for its performance and arrival.

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