Specialists of iFixit has disassembled iPhone 5 to screw

On the first day of sales of iPhone 5, magicians from iFixit managed not only to buy the device, but also to analyze and evaluate its maintainability. Unlike the MacBook Pro with Retina-display, which according to experts is a nightmare for the service center, the new Apple smartphone is easier to parse and repair.

iPhone 5

Disassembling of iPhone 5 was same as the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS, which is first started by removing the display, and its replacement, according to iFixit take no more than 5-10 minutes. For comparison, an experienced master changes the display in iPhone 4/4S for 40-50 minutes. Inside the smartphone really found 1 GB of RAM. Slightly higher capacity battery (1440 mAh) was bonded to the metal housing, but also to remove it was not difficult, in contrast to the Retina MacBook Pro, where an experiment can result in damage to the battery.
The design of the Home button slightly improved with the metal support. In iPhone 5 problems with it should be less than the new iPad (eventually begins to operate worse). Experts drew attention to the cell module Qualcomm MDM9615M, made at rates of 28 nm process technology and supports LTE, HSPA +, EV-Do Rev B and TD-SCMA.

On a 10-point scale, the staff evaluated the iFixit repairability iPhone 5 at seven points. Good result, one ball higher than the iPhone 4S. Minus only for the concentration of a large number of items on the block connector Lighting, which in addition to the port located 3.5 mm jack, ringer speaker, one of the three microphones and dual band antenna Wi-Fi. So, for iPhone 5 fans, dissembling was like great news.


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