Start Menu is returning to Windows 8

Microsoft will be raising a design review of Windows 8 because of criticism of its interface and weak sales, bringing the classic desktop experience for Windows 7.

Windows 8

You would not think that the debate on the design changes in the interface of Windows 8 and incorporating Modern UI (Metro) system, was completed. It has only just begun and news accumulates there on.

One comes to usability testing of design guru Jakob Nielsen, concluding with strong criticism of Microsoft for an interface “disappointing for new and experienced users”.

Another comes from the developer Stardock, announcing ‘tens of thousands of downloads’ of Start8 application that provides users with features such as recovery or jump start menu screen in UI Modern booting directly to the desktop of Windows 8. A veiled criticism as it seems to say that they ‘solve the shortcomings of Microsoft’.

However, most importantly, comes the rumors of the possibility that Microsoft resolved the issue with a service pack that would offer users the option of approaching the Windows 7 interface, jumping directly to the desktop or recovering the above menu beginning.

The way back is explained after the dismissal / resignation of the responsible for Windows Steven Sinofsky and everyone is happy. We do not know if it will be as easy but we are confident that we will have to talk about the user interface of Windows 8, suitable for tablets and touch screens in general, but questionable for work with the desktop.

This was all regarding the Windows 8 upcoming changes; we might see Start Menu in future improvements and updates.

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