StatCounter: Windows 7 is installed on most of the world’s PCs

According to a recent survey by research firm StatCounter, the operating system Windows 7 took the leading position in the world and is installed on more than 50% of the running PC.

Windows 7


As the prevalence of this development has bypassed Windows XP only last year, and as for Windows Vista, then this platform, as a transitional solution, so does not become popular. To be exact, to date the Windows 7 installed on 50.2% of computers in the world, and a year earlier the rate was 34.5%. In second place by a large margin from the other participants in the study is still in Windows XP with a 29.9% share, a year after losing nearly 15%.
All other platforms occupy less than 10% of the market. For example, Windows Vista currently set at 8.3% of the computers, and Apple OS X – 7%. In the first case, for the year showed a significant drop in the proportion in the second – some growth. In addition, the study got the platform and iOS, though StatCounter allocates mobile OS in a separate study. The fact that the company considers the iPad to computers, which accounts for the emergence of Apple’s mobile platform study in the prevalence of computer operating systems. Flatbed iOS currently holds 2.4% of the market. Android OS is not selected in a separate category for the reason that in tablet form is too small a share of the market and is likely to be in the category Other OS.

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