Steve Ballmer: Android ecosystem is wild and uncontrolled, the ecosystem of Apple – expensive and closed

In the forum Churchill Club in Santa Clara, California, USA, the head of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer in an interview with the founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman criticized the competition from Google and Apple, chosen as the subject of criticism of their mobile platforms. Thus, according to CEO of Microsoft, Android – a “wild, uncontrolled” and highly vulnerable to malware ecosystem. In turn, Apple ecosystem is a very expensive and highly controlled, if not – closed. As an example of the high cost, Ballmer said cost iPhone in some countries, where the price of some models exceeds $ 1000.

Steve Ballmer

The head of Microsoft believes it can “drive a wedge” between the competitors with its own platform Windows Phone and be successful by offering a reasonable alternative. For Windows 8, Surface and mobile OS Steve Ballmer sure – the products are correct, in fact, he said, the company is actively working with developers in contrast to its competitors, Apple and Google.

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