Symantec update leads to the ‘blue screen of death’ on Windows XP

An error in an update for Symantec Endpoint Protection security software 12.1 and Norton anti-virus software blocking has caused an unknown number of computers running Windows XP under the dreaded blue screen of death.


Symantec has released a new update that we have resolved the bug but customers, 300 corporations affected are not happy according to Reuters, since Symantec “took hours” to identify and correct the problem by forcing customers to “seek solutions to your account”.

An insurance company based in Maryland temporarily disconnected more than 150 computers antivirus software to prevent damage and others such as the Dutch PSO Beheer BV, closed the business directly “and sent the workers home”.

“Yes, we had a big impact on our business,” said manager Ron van den Broek. “My first impression is that downloading from Symantec may put effects and from which we have to survive.”

If for some customers ask compensation but others wonder “How will you compensate Symantec lost production hours and effort of IT staff to fix this error?”

Symantec’s mistake does not arrive in good time for a company that has lost a quarter of its value after forward fall in profits. It cannot be apologetic, but not the first time a security company locks corporate and consumer equipment after launching engine updates or virus signatures. So, we can say that if security company like Symantec can release the bug updates then anything can happen. But there must be another serious problem because no one would like to hit their feet with a hammer themselves. But whatever, this matter has affected the reputation of Symantec.

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