Synaptics ForcePad: next generation touchpad sensor with pressure sensitivity

The largest producer of touchpad for Windows-based PCs is Synaptics, continues to actively develop these input devices. After almost nine months after the announcement of the touchpad with Multi-Touch support company introduced an entirely new arm that is not only functional predecessor, but also more compact. The device was called Synaptics ForcePad.

Synaptics ForcePad

The main special feature is the presence of the force sensor is pressed, the function at the pressure on it with a weight of up to 1000 g, and recognizes up to 64 levels of sensitivity. The device supports Multi-Touch and recognizes up to five independent touches and force of pressure on each of them separately in Synaptics ForcePad.

Synaptics ForcePad
Synaptics believe that this kind of Synaptics ForcePad arm will be useful not only in their work, for example, in the interaction with graphics editors or banal scrolling when increased pressure sensitivity increases its speed. In addition, ForcePad can improve the gaming experience, but in this case it is important support from developers.


For demonstration of Synaptics ForcePad touchpad used in ultrabook Lenovo IdeaPad U300s, but the release date of the commercial products with ForcePad yet to report. The company only promises that at CES 2013, many manufacturers will present their solutions with the new crane on board.


As for the device dimensions, it is much thinner than its predecessors. Synaptics ForcePad thickness is of only 2.8 mm vs. 5.5 mm for conventional ClickPad.

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