System NHK Super Hi-Vision officially approved as TV standard 8K

The International Telecommunication Union (International Telecommunication Union, ITU) has set a new television standard 8K. For its system was based on Super Hi-Vision from Japan’s NHK.

Super Hi-Vision

Pair of Super Hi-Vision cameras from NHK

At the moment Super Hi-Vision is from the video in the resolution 7680 x 4320 pixels, which is broadcast at 60 frames per second. In the future, NHK plans to increase the frequency to 120 frames per second. At the moment, the company has established three camera models that can record video at this resolution. NHK representatives note that these cameras can “play the sense of life and convey a sense of presence.”

Despite the approval of the new standard, the commercial implementation will not happen soon. The first experimental broadcasts, according to experts from NHK, will begin no earlier than 2020, which is not surprising. Indeed, so far has not received virtually any spread of the precursor of the technology, the standard 4K.

Yes, there are already commercial solutions with its support. For example, 3D-TV Toshiba 55X3 or home projector Sony VPL-WV1000ES, but their price is, to say, beyond reasonable. 84-inch LG TV with resolution 3840 × 2160 pixels, went on sale in Korea, $22 thousand, however, lower prices – this is only a matter of time. Importantly – expand the range and availability of content. There are also rumours that a future game console Sony PlayStation 4 will support standard 4K. So, let’s wait and watch what will happen by Super Hi-Vision NHK 8K standard.

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