Texas Instruments will focus on the production of chips for embedded systems

Texas Instruments has decided to change the basic direction of the business, according to Reuters. Currently, the company is mainly engaged in the production of processors for mobile devices.


However, it intends to focus on the issue of system-on-a-chip for the embedded market, including the market for automotive systems. In order to accomplish the task, Texas Instruments intends to reduce its activity producing processors for mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.
Management of the company Texas Instruments said that despite the dynamic development of the market for mobile devices, it is not profitable for the manufacturers of processors. At the same time, the market for embedded chips is not that fast, but provides players with sufficient financial stability and profitability in the long term.
Currently, Texas Instruments OMAP processors are widely used in mobile devices. However, there has been a situation where the major manufacturers of end mobile devices do not order third-party chips, and engaged in the development and manufacture of its own making. Because the attractiveness of business for Texas Instruments falling.

Texas Instruments

Following statements by Texas Instruments of conversion business value of the shares of the company fell by 3 percentage points.

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