The full Exploded iPhone 5 shows that will be ‘easy’ to repair

The specialist firm iFixit has made a very complete disassembly of the iPhone 5, concluding that its repair will be “relatively simple” and easier than the iPhone 4S.

new iPhone 5 internal hardware

iFixit assigned to the repair of the new iPhone 5 a 7 on a scale with 10 points as maximum repairability score, one point ahead of the iPhone 4S. So, new iPhone will not only good for you, even if unfortunately your phone got some problem then it will not be hectic to repair it for a repairman.

Moreover, Display and glass disassembled quite well so one of the most frequent faults in a mobile is easy to perform, always keeping in mind that this type of operation requires tools and expertise.

Make it ‘easy’ to repair not imply that it is economic, since the signature indicates that the front glass, digitizer and LCD form a single component so that its cost is quite expensive.

The battery is also easily replaced by iFixit. An important because as you know, Apple punishes users and ensures revenue when using non-removable battery.

Ease of repair of iPhone 5 contrasts for example with the MacBook Retina the more difficult to repair laptop ever. For customer service reparing MacBook Retina is so hectic and like a nightmare, well Apple has cared for his employee this time. But you should not think as iPhone 5 is easy to repair then it will cost less for its repairing, drop your thinking here. Because the integrated parts of new iPhone are made up of single component so there you have to pay more and everything balances here, may be you have to pay extra for same problem in iPhone 4S and same problem in iPhone 5.

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