The GoPro Hero 3 Action Camera: Capture the Best Moments!

Summer has already arrived. Many of you must be thinking to take few days off from your office and leave the busy life to get some relaxation. For those who enjoy scuba diving or want to ride downhill on a mountain bike, the GoPro Hero 3 action camera is here to capture your moments for a life time memory. Here is a look at the GoPro camera.

The GoPro Hero 3 Action Camera: Capture the Best Moments!

What exactly a GoPro Hero camera is?

If we define Hero camera in our simple language then you can think of it as a sports camera. The latest GoPro hero Camera has a 6 – lens optical system. It has ultra wide arena of outlook and can record high resolution videos with a high frame rate. The camera can be taken easily 60 meters at the bottom of the sea to capture clear images both below and above water, and thanks to its accessories, it can be mounted and worn on head or chest. The other interesting feature worth noticing is that it comes with Wi-Fi connectivity allowing you to control settings remotely.

Key specs

It has 11 megapixels camera which can capture images with 10 fps. It has video capturing capability at 1080p 30fps/ 960p 48 fps/ 720p 60 fps. It comes with built in Wi-Fi and has remote controlling capabilities. It can be controlled via your smartphone as well; all you need to do is to download GoPro App which is freely available for both Android smartphones and iPhones. It is available with various hardware and accessories for ascribing to helmets and more.

How can you set up GoPro Hero 3

There are two ways of getting control remotely over it. You can either use Wi- Fi control or you can download the official GoPro app for this purpose and it is freely available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Setting up GoPro Hero 3 is quite time consuming. Its software need to be updated through company’s website and for this, you need a computer with internet connection. Luckily it comes with well written instructions making it little easier than it actually is, though it is quite annoying. Before taking any step, just go through the user manual well.

GoPro Smartphone App

This application offers you a view finder which let you see what camera sees. This makes taking shots very easy as the camera does not have a view finder. You can press the shutter button to click photos, record videos and controlling settings of the camera. In simple terms, operating it from your smartphone is much simpler than operating it from the camera itself.

Unfortunately GoPro app has few limitations also because of which one cannot completely rely on the smartphone for controlling it. User cannot view what exactly is recording once he presses the button for recording. You cannot transfer photos to your smartphone connected with the camera once it gets stored in the memory storage of the camera. Also, its Wi-Fi consumes a lot of battery, so there are chances that your camera may get shut in a very short time.

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