The Intel Bay Trail-T processors for tablets: Specs & Features

The tablet segment is booming and Intel is trying to keep up, revealed the future platform processor – Intel Bay Trail-T processors for tablets with notable advances in performance and power on the show Clover Trail, and newly launched models with Windows 8.

Intel Bay Trail-T processors

Filtration of the Intel roadmap for most booming sector of the computing world, Intel Bay Trail-T is manufactured in 22-nanometer process technology which will reduce consumption and size of this SoC. Also double the number of physical cores with the first quad-core Atom processor and frequency of 2.1 GHz frequency for a performance increase estimated between 50-60 per cent.

It also highlights the improvement in graphics performance with a chip called ‘Intel Gen 7’. A development well above the SGX 545 Clover Trail, including features such as hardware acceleration, support libraries Direct X 11 and support for screens with resolutions of 2560 × 1600 pixels.

Another interesting point is the possibility of including 3D cameras as Bay Trail-T offers the ability to record a stereoscopic camera with 1080p resolution at 60 fps. Windows 8 operating system would be your reference and Intel promises a great range of up to eleven hours.

A much improved platform but not hit the market until 2014. By then, the leader in mobility, is ARM, and will market the Cortex-A15 for tablets and also for its entry into the PC market.

Intel Bay Trail-T processors

This was all regarding the upcoming Intel Bay Trail-T processors, stay tuned for more updates.

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