The Internet got new photos of the Apple iPhone 5S

Two new pictures, which allegedly shows a next-generation iPhone, were released by a web-based resource MacRumors. They confirm the rumors that the new product specifications will be significantly altered compared to the current version of the device.

Image of the smartphone clearly demonstrates a new motherboard and the battery capacity 1600 mAh. Recall, iPhone 5 is equipped with a battery capacity of 1434 mAh. That is, you can count on the fact that the device will boast a new generation of longer battery life. On the battery of the device, the part number displayed is 616-0652, while the battery of iPhone 5 can be seen with the numbers 616-0611 and 616-0613.

The Internet got new photos of the Apple iPhone 5S

Something in these pictures that raises suspicion, is the lack of information on the battery certification, so there is reason to believe that this is just a prototype.

On the back of the photo near the eye of the camera, there are visible of the LED flashes, confirming rumors of a dual LED illumination.

Well, iPhone 5S, is expected to go on sale later this year. And judging by the pictures new items, which are more likely to end in a network, it will only be a improved version of the iPhone 5.

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