The LG PA70G is the brightest of mini projectors: Review

In the past year, LG was not very active in the market for mini projectors. Obviously this was to better prepare his next move. Here LG announced a mini projector i.e. LG PA70G, a solution using DLP technology from Texas Instruments, and seems very efficient.

A very bright picture

The truly innovative LG PA70G is pretty good at technical platform. This is the first model – we see pass – equipped with an LED backlight brightness announcing ANSI lumens 700. Clearly, the LG PA70G mini projector should provide a good picture quality notch above its competitors that looking pretty 300 and 500 ANSI lumens (25 to 74 cd / m 2 real). One can even hope to use it without plunging the room into total darkness. A future test of the product will tell us more.

LG also announced a rate of contrasts – this mini projector will offer – 10 000:1, which would imply that blacks are deep and the colors as accurate as possible. To see! The result is more classical. The image, projected in 1280 x 800 pixels, achieved a diagonal of 2.54 m diagonal with a decline of 2 m. The noise level is also announced in the middle (34 dB in normal mode).

The PA70G is not ready for 3D but it has a USB port to play media files (DivX, XviD, etc..) And desktop (PDF,. Doc, xls and. Ppt).

Same design but less efficient

The manufacturer will also market the PB60G, using the same design as the PA70G. Sold one hundred euros less (499 € against 599 € for his big brother), it loads a technical platform more modest. Announced the brightness is 500 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of an image definition identical.

Both devices will be available later in August 2012.

+The technical platform of PA70G

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