The malware threat to Smart TV

Security firm G Data has warned of the arrival of the new generation malware for smart TVs, technological convergence between traditional TV and computers with access to the Internet and its services, able to provide all type of online services (renting movies, video calling, shopping, apps …) and allow user interaction.

Smart TV

Therefore, the new Smart TV can become the perfect device to a new user group, those who did not use computers regularly and were not quite connected.

Also as a new route of entry for malware since G Data as explained in the IFA 2012, where Smart TV is one of the devices star of the Berlin Fair, “will be inevitable that cybercriminals also feel the irresistible attraction of this potential new business”.

If achieved offenders could infect these modern TVs from stealing all sorts of personal data (one of his favorite targets), spying inside the rooms where they are installed, incorporate them into their botnets or use your computing power to perform the so-called “brute force” thus constitute a potential target can generate an inordinate interest in cybercriminals .

The Smart TV is just one example of how blurred the boundaries between devices. The networks of different types of devices offer a world of new possibilities, but at the same time, opens up new avenues of attack for cybercriminals.

The security industry is prepared to respond quickly to new challenges. However, it is also necessary that the users of these new teams are aware that they are exposed to the same threats that are protected when browsing from PCs, says German security firm.

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