The Next iPhone is going To Feature a 12MP Camera!

The next iPhone (iPhone 5S or iPhone 6) is rumored to have a 12MP camera. If you’re  looking at the “rumored” word I would like to tell you that the most reliable sources say that the mobile phone giant is yet decide between whether to put an 8MP or 10MP camera to put in their device.

Current Market Situation

Apple installed an 8MP camera in their last item (iPhone 5). So it is naturally expected that they will feature a camera not less than 10MP.  But the scenario was different that time. Other innovative device maker like HTC and Samsung is closing up the gap between Apple and them. Even Nokia Lumia 920 is showing quite a promise in the camera department So if Apple is still thinking that they can go on a par with  others with some so expected average features, well, I’d say, they will be fighting a lost battle. Moreover, when iPhone 5S arrives the Samsung Galaxy 4S and the HTC one will be waiting for it. So unless Apple can manage a miracle they won’t be able to compete with them and they will have to face in the level of Nokia’s smart phones.

iPhone vs. Others

There is no question over the camera quality of the camera of Apple. But people are asking for more and Apple is surely capable enough to reach if not surpass the expectations. Samsung galaxy S4 features a 13MP camera. Though HTC one has a 4MP camera it makes up that gap with smooth experience and versatile functionality.

We can say Apple has HDR filter in their camera.  Apple’s camera is good but it needs improvements in aspects like Low Light Photo Shooting. Nokia is showing great developments in that aspect. So Apple has to improve the previous features of the iPhone or there’s going to be serious competition in the near future, where there is not going to be a beautiful result for Apple.

Uses’ Expectations

Apple has no choice but to improve if they want to survive the heat of the market. But they will have to do something amazing if they want to standout in the market. Users are expecting to have amazing camera features. Also they want improved sharing and cloud service. Though the iPhone is already smooth enough, the users want it to be user friendly rather than be so complex.

There is a buzz of rumor that the next iPhone will surpass all the other previous versions and the rival. Let’s hope so for the sake of Apple. “Is the iPhone going to be amazing?” Well, only time will tell you that.


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