The Nintendo Wii U debuts with ‘auto hacking’ and ‘bricks’

A security flaw that allowed access to a private menu and total death of the console to perform the firmware upgrade is the balance of the first day in the market for Nintendo Wii U.

Nintendo Wii U

Within hours of the launch, a NeoGAF forum user accidentally published (by pressing two buttons on the gamepad) had agreed to Miiverse management system and with permission to delete the accounts of other users.

A ‘hacking’ by accident that also allowed him to see the message from a developer including a list of games that are supposed to come to the console: Yoshi’s Island, Soul Hackers, Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evils.

Nintendo has confirmed that it was a test menu and has already withdrawn its access but has not explained how that menu has been able to reach to the public.

The matter could have been left in story, it is not been accompanied by a serious flaw in the firmware update, mandatory as it gives access to important features like Miiverse, eShop, internet browser, support for Netflix or opening the Wii door to a lot of previous games.

Nintendo Wii U

According to U.S. media report, if you have the misfortune to that you interrupt the download of data needed to update the firmware, can result in a brick and therefore the total death of the console. And it is easy for any power failure if you’re not at home or before a court of the Internet as the update takes a whopping 5 GB. You read that right 5 GB.

The warranty of Nintendo Wii U covers the failure but if the first day with your brand new console, you have the misfortune of being one of those affected, is enough to kill someone from Nintendo.

This was all regarding the Nintendo Wii U, stay tuned for more updates.

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