The origin of Malware, where does it come?

The malware is one of the endemic problems of Internet and certainly is one of the things with the SPAM should be eradicated. But where does malware come from? Who are to blame for their creation and expansion?. From comes a curious graphics from which to explain these and more questions after the analysis of the last 5 months over 5 million URLs in the open source platform Open Source Security Information Management (OSSIM).



The highest percentage of malware comes from China, the United States in second place and well ahead of South Korea, Russia and Taiwan.

Another aspect of the report talks about the form of infection, the vast majority with viruses and Trojans hidden files ‘benign’.

The top malware by file type is .exe, executable Windows operating systems. The second most common is found in almost any HTML web or email. Compressed as .Zip and .Rar are the third most common type followed by the Adobe applications such as Pdf and flash.

For operating system and despite the large increase in malicious activity on Macs , Windows malware monopolizes global level its market share above 90 percent in consumer equipment.

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