The researchers created a reasonably efficient transparent solar cell

A team of researchers from the UCLA California NanoSystems Institute has developed a new type of solar cell, through which can transmit light. This solar panel allows you to create windows in homes and other buildings, capable of generating electrical energy, but at the same time remain transparent that’s why these are named as transparent solar cell.

transparent solar cell

Developed new product – PSC (polymer solar cell) – produces electricity through acquisitions, mostly infrared light. This range is invisible to the human eye. At the same time, the device transmits about 70% of visible light to man. This design uses a special light-sensitive plastic, which transforms infrared light into electrical energy. The transfer of energy within a battery provides a composite film consisting of silver nanowires and nanoparticles of titanium dioxide, which eliminated the non-transparent metal electrodes. This material also provides a cost-effective manufacturing process.

It is noted that different researchers have previously tried repeatedly to create a transparent solar cells. However, their decision had significant drawbacks: either a lack of transparency or too low efficiency of energy production. According to researchers at UCLA, they were able to create a device that combines a sufficient level of transparency (70%) as well as the relatively high efficiency of energy production (4%).


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