The secret to a minimum thickness of iMac display

The Apple iMac 2012 device has a 40% smaller than previous models in volume and 45% thinner. Basically Apple has achieved this effect by the new display, Analyst “Yakhanvala” from IHS community sure about that, he told reporters of Wired (although it should be remembered, and the refusal of the optical drive). “LCD in the iMac has received much less attention than it deserves. This component of the thickness is almost the same as OLED-displays, and it’s really cool, “- says the analyst.

iMac 2012
The company Apple uses technology lamination when the matrix and glass cover are connected to each other with no air gap. At this Apple won a couple of millimetres, in addition a significantly reduced thickness and the matrix itself. In addition to reducing the size of lamination technology has led to substantial reduction of the reflectivity of the screen, which in turn had a positive impact on the overall image quality.
Besides technically interesting and high-quality display is in the Apple iMac 2012 and there are also other unique features. For example, the methods of connecting the front and back of the case on the principle of friction stir welding (Friction Stir Welding (FSW)). Earlier, this was used only in the aerospace industry for welding aircraft wings, rocket boosters, and some parts of space shuttles. Apple licensed the technology from the British research organization TWI Ltd and is the first to apply it in the field of consumer electronics.

This was all about one of the premium device all new iMac 2012 whose display is really impressive and deserves praising.

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