The Smartpone Xperia Z will be released in August 2012?

Before you move to detail, consider all the discussed below info as a rumor. They are based on comments left on a blog dedicated to Sony smartphone, as well as some details from other sources. I’ll just tell you about them, and you can decide to believe it or not.

Apparently, Sony Mobile will launch four new Xperia smartphone in the second half of 2012. You may ask, how great is their portfolio in 2012? These phones will be the second-generation line of NXT and will be called Xperia Z, Xperia C, Xperia E and Xperia Y. Xperia Z will be the superior smartphone, and will be launched in August 2012, while the other phones start coming out in July 2012.
All phones will have a chip Snapdragon S4, OLED display and will be supplied with the camera lens Cyber-Shot T Series. All phones will also be certified and have a PlayStation player Walkman. All these data can be completely false, but it is quite possible that we will know with certainty in the near future!

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