There were images of boxed versions of Windows 8

Last week, Microsoft announced the completion of the development of Windows 8 and transfer it to the status of the RTM. Home sales of individual copies of this version of the OS, as well as placing on the market end computing devices with Windows 8, scheduled for October 26 this year.

Windows 8 Pro Box

Despite the fact that prior to the retail sales of the new OS there are still about 3 months, the resource is The Verge has already shared the image of boxed versions of the Windows operating system supplies 8. It is noted that the box version of Windows 8 is made in white, and the version of Windows 8 Pro – in black. The rest of the design is the same box. They are replete with logos of the new user interface style of Windows 8. We recall Microsoft was forced to abandon the use of the word Metro in the name of the new interface because of claims by the German company Metro AG, which owns the rights to the trademark “Metro”. One of the logo – blue – is located on the front edge box. The second logo is made of colourful geometric shapes, is located on the front edge box. The composition of boxes yet to be announced, a lot of people are waiting for Windows 8 for their existing desktop and laptops.

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