Three tips to increase the life of your SSD

Solid storage units, also known as SSD, are fast, produce little heat and provide access to files with virtually no latency. So there are all advantages and appoint some of the disadvantages compared to traditional hard drives such as a higher price per gigabyte or that due to the nature of the NAND these devices have a life cycle.

SSD solid state drive life

That is, the memory cells can be written and erased a finite number of times until they begin to degrade and therefore corrupt data. The figure is high and there are mechanisms to prevent known as NAND wearing but always, as users can perform certain tasks to give a little more life to our SSD.

• Avoid file defragmentation: is a task that optimizes the performance on computers with hard drive, but not as impact SSDs
• Disable automatic indexing: is a feature that tries to improve system performance by providing an index readings avoiding slow-in-HD
• TRIM enabled: if your drive and OS are supported, TRIM indicates the operating system what files can be deleted to free space left to be exploited with new information.

By following these tips, you will able to increase the life of your SSD.

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