Titan supercomputer with graphics cards NVIDIA Tesla K20 | World’s Most Powerful Computer

This month in the laboratory Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Tennessee, USA) launched the world’s most powerful computer; in this case we are talking about Titan supercomputer for open scientific computing.

Titan supercomputer

Peak performance of Titan supercomputer is more than 20 petaflops (20 million billion floating point operations per second), and moreover graphics performance is powered with performance graphics cards NVIDIA Tesla K20 world’s most powerful graphic card, on which 18,688 supercomputer are installed. These graphics card solutions based on the architecture of NVIDIA Kepler. Due to its low power consumption and low cost GPU Tesla K20, Titan supercomputer is ten times faster and five times more economical than its predecessor, the System Jaguar (capacity – 2.3 petaflops at the same size). According to NVIDIA, if at Oak Ridge lab upgraded Jaguar by the traditional building CPU, the system would be four times as much and would consume more than 30 MW.

Titan supercomputer

Development of Titan supercomputer began three years ago, when the Oak Ridge decided to update Jaguar, the previous leader of open systems for scientific computing and the most powerful supercomputer in the world. System upgrade includes the installation of accelerators Tesla K20 as computational units in 200 server racks supercomputer Cray XK7, and the installation of 710 terabytes. Titan has a key role in the transition to petaflops level of computing, as the next stage of development of the project is to create a supercomputer with a capacity of 1,000 petaflops.

This was all about Titan supercomputer with graphics cards NVIDIA Tesla K20 and it has achieved the tag of world’s most powerful computer.

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