Tomorrow Samsung will introduce Galaxy S III mini smartphone

As the head of Samsung Mobile JK Shin, tomorrow in Frankfurt, the company will introduce a smaller version of its flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S III mini.

Galaxy S III mini

According to JK Tyre many users in Europe waited for a 4-inch smartphone model, more familiar to most dimensions than the original 4.8-inch version of the Samsung Galaxy S III. However, the other characteristics: the processor, memory, camera, shall remain unchanged. The head of Samsung Mobile did not mention the company’s main competitor in the smartphone market, but most analysts agree that the Samsung Galaxy S III mini direct response of a similar-sized Apple iPhone 5.

Price and availability of the device in other regions are not announced. More details about the new model will be tomorrow. But if the price of 4inches Samsung Galaxy III mini would be much cheaper to iPhone then only people may be interested in this smartphone, but nothing can be confirmed so easily, we can’t judge people taste. So, wait for 24hours more, then Samsung Galaxy S III mini will be live to you, as per the revealed information the Galaxy S 3 Mini will be like original S3 but in smaller dimensions, let’s wait and watch and stay tuned for more updates.


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