TomTom hands free car kit for smartphone: Review & Specs

TomTom is known for its GPS markets. But for the owners of smartphones who regularly use a helper application to driving, it has brought TomTom hands free car kit that offers supports that attach to the windshield or dashboard and offer several advantages. Bluetooth compatible and designed for smartphones that recharge via a micro-USB connector, version (offered at 100 euros). There are two versions of TomTom hands free car kit for iPhone: one sold with the application TomTom (150 euros) and the other sold without (100 euros).

TomTom hands free car kit


Like any TomTom GPS, support for this TomTom hands free car kit easily attaches to the windshield. An adhesive plate also secures installation of the accessory on the dashboard. In this case, choose your location wisely, because once placed, it is very difficult to remove. Beware also marks on the dashboard!

Two tweezers are responsible for securely holding the smartphone vertically or horizontally. Although in the latter case, the position of the micro-USB connector of some smartphones can be problematic. The Samsung Nexus S, for example, that is placed in the middle of the width which prevents the two clamps holding the phone in the middle. It must therefore shift a little to the side, which is not very practical or aesthetic. Another solution is to set the phone vertically, making sure that the clamps hold it along its length, and rotate the just 90 degrees. Once installed in the smartphone support, a USB cable, which connects to a cigarette lighter adapter, supplies all electricity. Then simply connect (pair of) the two devices with Bluetooth technology. A beautiful voice synthesis tells you when the procedure is performed.

TomTom hands free car kit
Audio Quality: could do better

Therefore, when you receive a call, just pick up the smartphone and talk with its interlocutors while focusing on the road. After tests, we can say that the power of the speaker in TomTom hands free car kit is a bit feeble and that its driver’s side is good and no more. It should of course speak louder or softer depending on the noise level inside the car on the motorway. To minimize interactions with the smartphone and keep well, its attention on the movement, we can call someone using some related commands Android voice search like “call mom mobile” or “dial” followed by the phone number. Good point, TomTom offers the possibility of bringing the micro driver, thanks an extension of about 1.80 m. Three grommets are supplied adhesive for easy installation for TomTom hands free car kit. Also indicate that two buttons placed on the medium used to make a call or to hang up, if we keep smartphone in pocket. But that does not correspond vocations of this support, which is (in addition to its duties as handsfree and battery rechage) to facilitate the use of a GPS application on smartphone. These keys are a prior useless …

TomTom hands free car kit
There remains a constraint. While a traditional headset is usually very discreet, setting sun visor, which can be left in place even when you leave your vehicle, accessory TomTom is a GPS indicator (it can also be taken for a device of this type). It will be best to uninstall and store it in the glove compartment if you park in a public parking and to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
The verdict

Ultimately, the TomTom hands free car kit for Smartphone is a good accessory, practical and effective, especially if you regularly use a helper application to drive. We would just like to have sounded a bit more accurate and powerful. Also emphasize the fact that if you want just a headset, other devices are quieter and just as effective, if not more.

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