Tomtom offers three hands-free kits, two for an iPhone and other for smartphone, which can be attached to the windshield or the dashboard of your car. They feature a speaker of 2 Watts and a microphone, which can be deported to the visor, for example, with an extension cord.

Tomtom handsfree car kits

The GPS specialist Tomtom offers three new Tomtom handsfree car kits to make and receive phone calls in the car safely and legally. Two are for the iPhone while the third works with all other phones / smartphones with Bluetooth. These devices resemble nothing so much as mounting bases for automotive GPS. They are fitted with clamps used to hold the phone or smartphone in place, both vertically and horizontally. The other end of these kits is fixed on the windshield, such as GPS, then, or on the dashboard, by means of an adhesive disc.

Tomtom handsfree car kits

Battery charging of Tomtom handsfree car kits

These kits are powered via a USB cable that plugs into a cigarette lighter adapter (supplied). As a GPS again, this is not very practical if you already have a GPS. Besides the proliferation of objects hanging from the windshield, which reduce the visibility of the road … The advantage is the ability to recharge batteries for its smartphone through a small cable for smartphones equipped with a microUSB port or a dock connector for the Apple version.

Almost no hands

Once in place in the smartphone support, just press the screen to get at the time of a call. And if you keep your iPhone or Galaxy SII or SIII in your pocket or bag, as it would be more natural, buttons, the kit can pick up and hang up. Model for iPhone has a button allowing to activate the assistant Siri (iPhone 4S therefore only officially!) for easy dialing. Ditto for Android smartphones, the device activates the voice recognition module of Google. Sound quality is assured we are told (we will look at our test) by a speaker of 2 Watts and the microphone is supposed to provide clear interlocutors with features noise cancellation and echo. Original, it can be set closer to the driver through an extension cable (a cable … yet). Tomtom book three grommets adhesives. Good point, the manufacturer indicates that its kits can connect to two Bluetooth phones simultaneously, which may seem practical at first sight. But this is not really necessary because the passenger, he has the right to call in the car …

Tomtom handsfree car kits

Available now, the Tomtom handsfree car kits for iPhone and smartphones are offered at 100 euros. A second model for iPhone comes with the TomTom navigation application for price of 150 euros.

Charging the phone
Micro deportable

USB power / cigarette lighter

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