Top 10 Things You Could Make With a 3D Printer In The Future

The 3D printer is one of the technologies that will revolutionize the way we consume and create in the future. The 3D printers designed with the consumer in mind are already going for less than $1,000 and chances are that the price will keep going down and the capability of the models will keep improving. While the models available for consumers today are not that great, their resolution improves all the time and the level of detail they can offer will be truly impressive a few years from now. For now, let’s take a look at what the future holds for us and what are the top 10 things we believe you will be able to make in the future with a 3D printer.


While this might not be something that you will do with a personal 3D printer, there are already projects out there which use huge 3D printers to create small houses, of all kinds of shapes, using a type of sand as material.


Even though it’s not something you would want, 3D printing of guns is one of the things that this technology will bring and there isn’t that much you can do about it. The first 3D printed gun has already been made and in the future anyone will be able to download a gun schematic from the Internet and create it at home.

Spare Parts

3D-printedWhenever your dishwasher or car breaks down, you will be able to download the schematics from the Internet and print the parts yourself at home. Either that, or you can go to an authorized dealer with a better printer and they will print the part you need on the spot, without having to order it.


We’re obviously not talking about gold or silver jewelry here, but you should be able to design a nice bracelet or some nice custom earrings to use on a special occasion.


It’s not hard to imagine artists selling their creations in 3D form in the future, giving people the possibility to print sculptures at home for a small sum of money.


Toys will be easier to make than ever. You will be able to buy schematics for toys, but you will also find plenty of free options.

Customized Items

That custom mug you’ve bought for your friend’s birthday will be easy to make at home with the help of a 3D printer. The shape will be much more customizable as well.


It’s already being done and people are using prosthetics that are created with 3D printers. Everyone will find these prosthetics cheaper in the future.

Biological Materials

Scientists are working on the possibility of using special 3D printers to print skin from the patient’s cell, as well as organs which will be used for transplants.

3D Printers

The RepRap project is already working on this problem. In the future you will use 3D printers to create parts for other 3D printers, using that initial model to create other devices you can use.

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