Top 10 Wearable Gadgets to look out for in 2015

With advance in technology and experimentation with new engineering trends, many digital devices are flooding the market. While, smartphones, laptops and tabs etc. rule the Consumer’s heart, wearable gadgets are no way behind. Being a combination of fine technology and style, these wearable gadgets are a must have. Here is the list of top 10 wearable gadgets in 2015 one would love to have.

Apple Watch:

This is a sensational watch from the Apple family one would love to style on. The styling gives it a smartwatch look, the first of its kind. Hypothetical technology that has been used in the making of this watch, provides a strong foundation for it apps. This wrist companion offers you facilities like phone calls, Apple Pay, wireless music playback etc. apart from fitness tracking.

Fitbit Surge and Charge:

Ruling the wearable gadget market in the past, Fitbit is now geared to captivate consumers again with the introduction of its two fitness trackers namely the Surge and the Charge. The Surge comprises of a caller ID, GPS tracker and music controls apart from the regular health-tracking option. An always-on watch face is an outstanding feature Fitbit imparts.

Top wearable gadgets in 2015
Top wearable gadgets in 2015


iRing is an Apple product that can be used for multiple use like giving a safe grip to your phone, like a hook or a kickstand. From checking you grocery list to taking some cool selfies, iRing is the best gadget to opt for.

Skully Motorcycle Helmet:

When your helmet facilitates you with the best features of a Google glass, it is called a Skully Motorcycle Helmet. This stylish helmet is well-equipped with a 180 degree rear view camera, a heads-up display and GPS navigation. Being a dot approved helmet, it allows you to control the voice of both your phone and music, thus providing flexibility of use.

SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds:

It is a collaborated product of Intel and musician 50 Cent’s SMS. This wearable invention saves you from charging battery every day. An embedded biometric sensor used in the SMS Audio BioSport Earbuds, makes it easy to collect various fitness data like heart rate etc.
TAG Heuer Smartwatch:

From the time of announcement of its entry in the smartwatch market, this watch has created curiosity about the features it may impart. While the confirmed features comprise of GPS and health monitoring features, the apps based on sports like car racing and marathons which are sponsored by the company, are also expected to join the squad of apps TAG Heuer Smartwatch will impart.

Pebble Time:

Pebble has proved to be a tough competitor to the Apple smartwatch. Now with the launch of its latest wearable pebble time watch, the watch has sensationalised the wearable gadget market. With a lean design, colour screen and microphone, vocal interaction with the device has become feasible. Also, compatibility with more than 6,500 apps present in the current Pebble Watch, is worth the price.


Quell is a unique wearable gadget that is specially designed to aid people suffering from chronic pain conditions. It follows a technique in which the brain is deceived to release chemicals essential to relieve the pain by stimulating the nerves present below the knee. Being drug free and approved by FDA, this gadget is one of the most used pain-relief wearable gadget.


Unlike many wearable gadgets that aid you to develop a good body shape, FITGuard acts as an alarm that alerts you when you are severely injured. Basically, it is a mouth guard specially made for athletes who are usually prone to injuries during their game. When an athlete is severely injured, the guard lights up sending an alert to the coaches of the severity of injury demanding immediate medical attention.

Jawbone UP 2:

They provide the best overall fitness assistance which is owed to the UP apps which are the best software in the wearable gadget market. Jawbone UP 2 is the most affordable and stylish wrist band that provides a full-fledged access to the UP apps.

Hope you like the list of Top 10 wearable gadgets for 2015 and get your hand on one in Christmas 2015!

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