Top 5 Best Features of Apple iPhone 5 That Makes It Valuable

The iPhone 5 is the latest addition to the iPhone series. It was recently launched and many people were interested in the new features that iPhone 5 offer. According to Apple executives, this new iPhone offers new features that every smart phone user should expect. Many people have bought the iPhone 5 but still there are others that are interested to buy one. In this sense, it is important to know the 5 best features of Apple iPhone 5 before deciding to purchase.

iPhone 5

  1. New design

The iPhone 5 looks like the old version of the iPhone but obviously there are some differences. It is not only lighter and thinner but the materials used to give different feel. The back part of the iPhone 5 is made of aluminum that is why fingerprints could not streak on the glass. It is available in an elegant silver and white model as well as tough black and slate model.

  1. Bigger screen

This new iPhone has a bigger screen that measures 4-inch and the screen is taller as compared to the older versions of iPhones. An extra row of icons can fit on the screen and the user can enjoy more images and text on the web page. It features improved color saturation but retains the Retina display.

  1. LTE

The new iPhone 5 supports LTE on three US carriers that include AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. This means that browsing is done in speed as well as when downloading apps. Likewise, the processor performs faster that is why you need not wait around.

  1. Camera

The camera in iPhone 5 is designed even better despite of its being thin. It can capture photos quickly with better low-light performance as well as panorama mode.

  1. Maps and passbook

iPhone 5 is using the new iOS 6 software. There are several features offered by iOS 6 but the Maps app is the most stunning. This application allows easy navigation as well as 3D renditions of buildings and cities. In the same manner, the Passbook app integrates all the tickets, coupons and boarding passes.

Indeed, the iPhone 5 offers features that embody a true Apple brand. The new features and the materials used to justify that this gadget is the leader in the new series of Smartphones. Although it would cost you big amount of dollars but it values your money. It is good to invest in something that you know is valuable but sooner or later Apple will have another model of smart phone to introduce.

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