Toshiba 13MP photosensor with powerful noise reduction for mobile: Specs & Features

Among the developers of mobile photosensor has a new player in the face of Toshiba, as company has developed a new Toshiba 13MP photosensor. Recall that at the moment, the main producers of such components are Sony and OmniVision. CMOS-sensor model TK437 is interesting for several reasons. When it identical with modern 8-megapixel sensors area of 8.5 x 8, 5 mm above its resolution – 13 megapixels. To achieve this skill Toshiba managed by reducing the pixel size from 1.4 micron to 1.12 micron. Increasing the resolution gives better detail, but the reduction in size of a pixel gets less light, resulting in a decrease in image quality in low light conditions. The problem the company has decided on several fronts.

Toshiba 13MP photosensor


First, it applied the proven technology of the back illumination sensor (BSI). Second, at the level of the sensor embedded color noise reduction system. Together, these features should give a good result for Toshiba 13MP photosensor, but still evaluate it in practice impossible. The first batch of test samples TK437 will be available to customers in December. The cost of the sensor is $ 20.

This was all regarding the Toshiba 13MP photosensor, stay tuned for more information.

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