Toshiba AT270 tablet with Tegra 3 power: Review & Specs

With its wide screen AMOLED technology and its powerful Tegra 3 processor, the Toshiba AT270 manages to stand out in the tablet market in small format.

The promise

Toshiba AT270

Toshiba AT270 tablet is a miniature replica of its big format 10.1 inches tablet. Identical, processor, identical design and similar materials, same software environment … the only difference between the two models lies in their screen. The Toshiba AT270 opts for a screen (7.7 inches) AMOLED display technology, while the 10.1-inch LCD screen has a IPS (In-plane Switching). The 7.7 inch is it better than the 10.1 inches? Here are our answers.


Toshiba AT270

This Toshiba AT270 tablet impresses first, with its design and finish: a housing assembly and a very aesthetic impeccable. In addition, this tab is very thin (less than 0.8 cm) and lightweight (332 grams). This is the main advantage of the format 7-inch tablets to face 10 inches, less easy to handle and almost twice as heavy.

The AMOLED with its qualities and defects

Toshiba AT270 comes with stunning AMOLED displays (1280 points per 800) fine. It displays an image necessarily very enjoyable to watch, even if the colors tend to be a bit too saturated. Its main advantage is mostly black render perfect contrast ratio is very high. The problem of AMOLED technology is that it is difficult to control its brightness. The white varies greatly depending on the number of points to be illuminated. Example, a small white area in the middle of a black screen on this tablet exudes brightness close to 300 cd / m². But falls below 200 cd / m² when the white occupies the entire screen surface. Plus there are white spots in the image display, the screen more difficult to maintain a high brightness. And changes are visible to the eye, for example when scrolling a web page or as we watch a movie. Especially when the brightness is down, white turns gray. So, it is difficult to maintain accurate color permanently.

Toshiba AT270
Top performance

Toshiba AT270 is armed with a Tegra 3 processor, integrating four cores and a good chipset, this tablet is among the most powerful on the market. It is swift enough to run all Android apps, and even the most advanced games in 3D. Side autonomy, AT270 also fared very well. It took almost 10 hours of Web browsing (Wi-Fi) and ranks among the best in the industry. Despite this abundance of power, we deplored some mistakes in impromptu visual interface of the tablet. Everything is not perfectly smooth, it’s a shame! Furthermore, the quality of photos and videos taken with the tablet is not at the height of a top model. The keyboard did not believe either, despite its function Swype (going on the letters that form words by dragging the index without taking off the screen), which displays an aesthetic unpleasant and cannot be separated two to better use with two thumbs in landscape mode.

Toshiba AT270
The verdict

No doubt powerful, well built and very light, the Toshiba AT270 tablet displays good qualities and some software defects that Toshiba will necessarily correct.

This was all about the Toshiba AT270 whose price is around € 449.

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