Toshiba AT300 tablet: Review & Specs

With the Toshiba AT300, Toshiba delivers his first really successful tablet. Despite a self-improvement, complete equipment and the power of the device are convincing.

Toshiba AT300

Despite a somewhat self-righteous, the new tablet from Toshiba AT300 offers equipment and impressive performance.

Already marketed in the U.S., the new Toshiba tablet arrives to other countries under the name of Toshiba AT300 and 16 GB version Equipped with the latest technologies, this tablet is supposed to be among the most powerful with its Tegra processor 3 ready for games the most resource intensive. Sold at a relatively affordable price, around 400 Euros, it is a direct rival to the latest Asus TF300T and Acer Iconia Tab A510. Below a review of Toshiba AT300 tab is discussed which will guide you through its performance and features.


Toshiba AT300

Somewhat coarser and lighter than the previous model AT200, Toshiba AT300 the new Toshiba tablet has an aluminium shell to the neat. With less than 9 mm thick for a little less than 600 g, it remains a perfectly acceptable volume for its size 10.1 inches.

Its connectivity is rich – a strong point at Toshiba – plus port Micro USB and 3.5mm jack – a jack and a micro HDMI SD card reader. It supports SD cards up to 128 GB XC Suffice to say that the limited internal memory to 16 GB of the AT300 (12.5 available to the user) will not be an obstacle for large consumers of media. Only drawback, the plastic cover that protects the drive can be replaced once the SD card inserted. Not very aesthetic!

Performing but just a little autonomy

Toshiba AT300 IPS screen offers wide viewing angles and a good display quality. The definition of 1280 x 800 dots is average – far from that encountered on the new iPad or even the Asus Infinity TF700T – but Toshiba sets everything which will not cause any discomfort to the user. Equipped with quad-core chip from Nvidia Tegra 3, the Toshiba AT300 delivers a big firepower (10,589 points on AnTuTu) comparable to those of the Toshiba Premium (also equipped with a Tegra 3) but with 2D performance the 3D performance is also higher.

Toshiba AT300 is powered Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.3), the tablet is distinguished also by an ultrafluid navigation through menus. The same goes for Web browsing, fast and smooth. Only downside: autonomy for improvement of the shelf. A less satisfactory in Internet browsing (WiFi) with about 8 hours 30 minutes, it does not reach the 7 hours of video playback. It’s just a little face in the Award, the Toshiba A510 or just the new iPad.

A very successful media player

Toshiba AT300 is equipped with a five megapixel sensor with flash, the new Toshiba tablet allows for fairly accurate pictures and videos of passable (there are a few jerks and annoying flicker). Surprisingly, the video capture is limited to 720p while its direct competitors (in Tegra 3) allow 1080p. There are, however, the option to deform the face of fun filmed subjects (limited to 480p) already seen from Toshiba.

Side media player platform, media player from Toshiba is very successful. It supports most image file formats, audio and video and connects easily to the TV in the tablet wirelessly (DLNA). The footage (up to 1080p) remains perfectly fluid we decide to post them on the tablet screen or the TV (connected via HDMI or DLNA).

Toshiba AT300

Toshiba Places, a portal to the design could be improved

Toshiba provides the tablet with some applications like ThinkFree (office), McAfee (antivirus) and Skitch (to add texts or drawings on photos). The Toshiba AT300 also loads the Toshiba Places portal offering communication tools but also to download music, movies, games, applications or even ebooks. Result of partnerships with multiple sites and publishers (many entries that require their services, which quickly become tedious), this platform, a first complex, unstable and more or less rich according to the areas is hard to convince.

The verdict

Well equipped and efficient, the Toshiba AT300, forget the first unsuccessful attempts by the manufacturer in the field of tablets. It did not blush to meet its direct competitors equipped, too, the powerful Tegra 3 and this, despite a somewhat less satisfactory autonomy. The device is impressive even by a few more, such as support for high capacity memory cards or a media player and ergonomically efficient. As per our opinion, Toshiba AT300 is really a massive tab with high performance.

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