Toshiba STOR.E Cloud, home storage network for all

Toshiba has launched the first network hard drive line Toshiba STOR.E Cloud. It is a device that creates a personal cloud for use at home or from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

Toshiba STOR.E Cloud

Thus Toshiba STOR.E Cloud is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS and offers storage for 2 or 3 Tbytes via USB 2.0 / ethernet.

It configures easily and allows access content from both the local network and from the Internet with a user management system. If we talk about the network drive, these network drive are normal external hard drive with a Wi-Fi and with other devices like Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets we can access the data into these network devices. Well, future of network drives is bright. In the case of Toshiba STOR.E Cloud this will act as setting up a personal cloud. So, be ready Toshiba has many surprises, it just the beginning by announcing the STOR.E cloud line of drives.

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